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Insulated Sandwich Panel solutions include everything needed to complete a structure: panels, fixings, flashings, profiles, sealants, lifting equipment as well as first-class technical support. Vgs Enterprises. panel solutions meet all the demands of modern building: attractive design, excellent fire safety, long spans, short construction time, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We also provide solutions for facilities with specialised needs, such as extra fire-safety, hygiene, sensitive acoustics, and attractive architecture. Together with optimal detailing these contemporary sandwich panel solutions meet the technical, aesthetic and budgetary demands of all parties involved in a building project.

Vgs Enterprises. sandwich Panel System also provides a unique service package based on our expertise and experience. Our reliable and flexible operations facilitate project from planning to installation. The service package includes a complete range of support, ensuring smooth design, precise deliveries and fast installation, and minimising cost. To meet the most stringent architectural design requirements, products are being made available in the following base material and external finish combinations.

Base Material : Standard 240 Mpa / High Tensile steels 550 Mpa
Material : Pre Painted Galvanised Iron / Pre Painted Galvalume
Coatings : Regular Modified polyester, silicon modified polyester (SMP), Fluoropolymer (PVF2) ,all these high performance coatings are selected to suit specific external exposure conditions.

Specification :

Special base metals, metal coatings and organic finishes are selected to meet the most stringent international specifications. Metals and coatings are selected not only to perform in field but also to ensure proper roll forming and metal working in plant without impairing the finish. Non exposed sides of the products are provided with standard alkyd coatings after galvanizing. Special inner finishes are optional.

Base metal Thickness (mm) Total Coated Thickness(mm) Weight (kg/sqm) Dimensions (mm)
0.42 0.50 4.25 1060 X Required Lenght*
0.45 0.55 4.55
0.50 0.58 5.00
0.60 0.68 6.10
0.70 0.78 7.00
0.80 0.88 8.00