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Vgs Enterprises 200 Hi-rib Profile is manufacture from Pre-painted Zincalume/ Galvalume steel steel (PPGL) AL-Zn Alloy coated steel AZ-150 as per ASTM-1397 (Bare Galvalume) and color coated Al-Zn Alloy coated steel (Color Coated Galvalume) with a cover width of 1000mm, pitch of 200mm and a crest height of 28mm. Vgs Enterprises. 200 Hi-rib Profile can be fixed on both roof and wall cladding and any slope and height as per the designers choice.


DATA TABLE Thickness of Base Metal (mm) Thickness of Total Coated (mm) Mass Per Unit Area  (Kg./m2)
Zincalume / Galvalume 0.42 0.47 4.25
Zincalume /Galvalume Colour Coated 0.42 0.50 4.35
Colour Coated Galvanised Steel 0.45 0.50 4.56