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Fibre Reinforced Plastic Sheet

Vgs Enterprises.’s Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) provides a solution for roofing sheet primarily used for Green Building solution where sufficient light is required inside the building to save the energy. FRP sheet can be manufactured in existing steel profile sheet or required profile as required and in various thickness. FRP can be made in different colours and with Ultra Violet coating to protect from UV present in sunlight. FRP sheet can be used at many places like

  • Roof Light in Industrial Sheds, Roofing and cladding sheets
  • Covering of outer /main gates, grills & Boundary Wally for Privacy & Acoustic Insulation.
  • Covering Verandah in FRP Doors.
  • Window Canopy.
  • Car & Scooter Parking sheds.
  • Walk Ways like covering of Sub ways
  • Covering of Green areas.
  • Sign boards.
  • Designer sheets for interior Decorations.
  • Partitions.

FRP sheet is available in different thickness as per the requirement of client and frame spacing. The most common thickness to use in roofing is 1.8mm, 2.00mm and 2.20mm and for cladding 1.2mm to 1.80mm. These sheets can be arranged in required colour and with UV protection to protect from Ultra Violet rays.